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DIY LEGO Minifig Display

We have LEGO bricks out the ears over here. The minifigs are by far the favorites and most used. We have some in our shadow box display but I wanted something a little different. I saw this image on flickr a few years ago and then I posted about this great display Jaime made back in 2011. I chose to make a smaller version to try out for the first time.

I used the IKEA RIBBA frame in a 9x11 (the one matted for an 8x10 or 5x7 with a mat). I like this one because it has some depth to it but I'm sure any picture frame would work. I left the glass in and just placed a piece of white paper as the background. You could do any image you wanted in the back!

Now this is where some people might differ from myself. I am an "eye" it kind of person. No measuring was done here so if you are a perfectionist (or are doing more than 2 rows) you'll want a ruler or something to measure distance to make sure these are spaced evenly.

I used 2x2 white bricks that we had picked up from the bick-a-brick section of our LEGO store just for this reason (so I wouldn't get in trouble for using bricks that belonged to a set). I went ahead and put some minifigs on the bricks so that I could place them with enough room. For your reference they are about 1/34" from the bottom of one to the top of another (not counting the studs) 2" should give you plenty of room for normal minifigs. I wanted 6 to fit on this small frame so I spaced them accordingly.

Then you hot glue the bricks directly to the glass/plexiglass. I like doing this because I can still remove the bricks later if wanted/needed. I haven't tried it after a long period of time but within an hour they were still removable.

That's it! Obviously a larger frame would take more time, but this small one was quick and easy and a big hit. The boys both loved it and want more in their room. We can mix and match along with our shadow box display!

Star Wars poster from Design Attractor


Shadow Boxes

My boys LOVE little things. You know when you empty the pockets of your kids' wash and wonder why in the world they wanted to save those little "treasures"? When I saw this post from my friend Jennifer Kirk on Bloesom Kids

(cute right?!)

it reminded me that I never shared one of my solutions for one of my boys' most favorite little treasures LEGO minifigs.

A while back I had posted this picture on our Facebook page

Saying that I was working on a project for the boys' room. Well since I'm all about honesty. I've only gotten 2 (out of 8) of them done, but you still get the point.

 I swear I could have a wall of these things and still not fit all the guys we have in there.

I found these little shadow boxes at Greenbacks (a dollar store) and spray painted them black. I haven't sealed them yet and we are still deciding on the best way to keep the men from falling off. They stay on fine but if you run into the wall (which for whatever reason happens often here) some may fall. I'm thinking of glueing a small LEGO strip to the bottom of each box to set the guys on.



My friend Jaime from Three Paper Peonies (a digital scrapbooking design company) posted this on her blog and I had to share it here. She broke the glass out of an IKEA frame and instead of throwing the frame away decided to use it as a 3D Lego art display - displaying whatever latest creation her little guy makes. 

SUCH a good idea Jaime! I'm definitely going to be incorporating some version of this onto our walls!

Jaime's original blog post