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Minecraft pixel art templates

Mini Eco is at it again with some pixel art templates you're sure to love

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Strip animation is one form of animation that's easy to duplicate. Turn it into a card to give to a friend or family member and you've got a win-win.

Read on to see how to easily make your own!

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I wish I invented balloons. So much fun in such a small little package.

I think balloons are one of those things you should always keep on hand just in case. This is a fun quick project that can be as time consuming as you make it! Basically you tape a balloon to a straw on a string and watch it fly! It's best to attach the string to a door nob but tape will work too - just be prepared to keep re-taping.

We picked a nylon string to use hoping it would make the balloon go fast

Add the straw to the string before attaching the other side to the wall. Place the tape on the top of the straw. We used washi tape so the balloon could come off and on easily. (Washi tape is basically thin, decorative masking tape so that or painters tape would work too)

Blow up your balloon and either hold the end or secure with a clip

Pull back to the start line

And let er rip!

They go fast! Make your string long enough for the balloon to travel pretty far. To make this a longer project, have balloon races with several balloons/people. Experiment with different string, lengths, angle of the string etc! Have fun!

Let the races begin!



Bird Feeders

My 7 year old has been wanting to have a bird feeder in the backyard for a while. I don't know why because we  have plenty of dove and quail eating whatever it is they are finding in the grass, but still, he wants one. I thought I'd share some of our favorite options.

A Chopstike and Coke Can Bird Feeder from What I Made

Play Doh lid bird feeders from Meet the Dubiens

Cookie Cutter Bird Feeders from eighteen25

Popsicle Stick Feeder from Tonya Staab

and these simple TP roll feeders from This Homemade Life



Bead Pets - Giveaway

We have a WINNER!

According to random.org the winner is

Comment #14

 Amy @ A New Old House who said   "I love keeping stuff like this around for rainy days. This would be right up my 6 year old son's alley! I just found your blog yesterday, and love the projects & ideas. Thank you- from a mom of two boys :o)" 

You are so welcome Amy! I hope your sons enjoy it! I'll be in touch for info.


I love to keep a stash of things for those "I'm bored" requests. So when the folks at Craftprojectideas.com asked if I'd like to try out their Bead Pet kit I checked with the boys to see if it was something they'd be interested in. They both very excitedly said "Yes!" 

They wanted to do one as soon as it came in but I saved them until we had a while to sit down and play. This last weekend we had an early Thanksgiving with my mom so we pulled them out. My 7 year old wanted to jump in first and he wanted to make the spider. 

We got him all set up (I LOVE the storage container that comes with it) and going. The directions were a little confusing to him until I explained them better and he ended up needing quite a bit of my help. He didn't mind though. And he's still playing with his spider today!

My 9 year old ended up making 2 later and had a much easier time putting them together (he ended up enjoying it as well). I do like making up crafts for the boys to do, but working full time, having 2 blogs, etc. It's nice to have something in a box to do every once in a while!

CraftProjectIdeas.com wants to send one of these to one of you as well!

You can stay in touch with them on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube

All you have to do to enter to win one though, is leave me a comment here. Entries will be accepted until Nov. 29, 2011 11:59pm MST and I'll announce the winner on Nov. 30, 2011



Bloesem Kids - Love This Blog!

I have gotten so much inspiration from this site I thought I'd share it with you!

Bloesem Kids is a fabulous kids blog with lots of awesome crafts, reviews, stories, etc. Here are some of my favortie crafts


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Tiny Bow & Arrow

p>This has to be one of the best things I've seen lately. 

and the Brooding Hen has the whole tutorial on their site.

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Science of motion

I wasn't really sure what to call this - an air powered pinwheel? Don't pinwheels go more horizontally? Maybe it's a propeller? Anyway, it's fun and it's science!

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